About Us
We are Sunlink Technologies Inc., (e-POS Plus), a company specializing in Information Technology and Retail Solutions.​​​​​

Having a reliable partner for your IT systems can help expand and grow your business even further. With our experience in handing multiple store openings, nationwide reach, and 365-day operations, your company can take advantage of our services to be able to target current and potential customers for your business. Our solutions can help you understand your business, your customer needs, and improve your product offerings.

We have been in the Information Technology business since 1999, specializing in Point of Sale Systems (POS) in 2002, and now offering a line of Retail and Business Intelligence solutions for the modern businesses. We have been working closely with the leading chains, restaurants, retail stores, mall developers and names in the franchising industry. We believe that with our service excellence and nationwide presence, we have the capability to address the requirements of our clients and we would like you to be part of our growing client base. Should your company be interested in our products and services, we would be happy to discuss these with you personally.
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